Colon Hydrotherapy

Naturopathy believes that large intestine is the main cause for major health problems. Colon therapy is a method of detoxifying the body through the removal of accumulated waste from the colon. This treatment procedure done under aseptic precautions is designed to clean the entire large intestine and thus improve absorption and elimination. Detoxification increases the efficiency of the body's natural healing abilities; it is sometimes promoted as a treatment for illness. It is often promoted as a general preventive health measure or as part of a routine internal hygiene regimen.

About Us

KINAY is the latest venture of Kailash Group of Hospitals, which has been offering quality services in the field of health care for the past 30 years. This institute is the brain child of Dr. Mahesh Sharma and Mr. S. M. Garg – Director of Kailash Group of Hospitals, who with their innovative thinking have blended the most popular traditional therapies and presented KINAY in service of the society.


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