Spinal Spray

Spinal bath is done in hot cold and neutral temperatures. The patient is made to lie in a tub filled with 2 inches of water for 15 min to soothe the spinal cord & indirectly treat the problems of central nervous system. It is beneficial in hypertension, irritation, excitement, nervous disorders and mental diseases like hysteria, epilepsy, insanity & insomnia. When nerves are depressed, or during severe back ache, hot spinal bath is advised to relieve the pain. It is best in gastric disorders & sciatic pain.


Improves blood circulation to the spine, activates the nervous system, relieves congestion over the spinal nerve, and provides total relaxation. Good in hypertension, headache and backache.

COLD SPINAL BATH – relieves irritation, fatigue, hypertension, nervous disorders.

NEUTRAL SPINAL BATH – treats insomnia, reduces tension of the vertebral column.

HOT SPINAL BATH – stimulates the nervous, relieves vertebral pain in Spondylitis and muscular backache relieves sciatic pain and gastrointestinal disorders.

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